I have been painting California for most of my life. About 7 years ago I discovered the camera and it has become my primary medium. Growing up in the desert, I was never very inspired by it. After living at the beach and in Northern California for many years, circumstances brought me back to the desert, at that point I started to really see the beauty of this subtle and interesting landscape, and I credit the camera with much of this revelation. There is never ending inspiration here and I never grow tired of exploring the landscape east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the history of this desolate and interesting land. I create layered compositions that inspire you to look further. Often confused with being paintings, my work is rich in color, texture, and detail.

My latest endeavor is venturing into travel writing about the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains and the HWY 395 corridor. I am currently writing weekly blogs and also being published bi-monthly by the Daily Independent in Ridgecrest, CA. My articles are colorful invitations to get out and explore the world around you and include several full color photographs of the locations I am discussing.

I also lead tours of the local areas, teach workshops and work with film crews.

If I can be of assistance to you in your exploration of the deserts of California, please let me know!

Published Works:
July 2014 to the Present: I am a free-lance writer and photographer for the Daily Independent Newspaper contributing stories and photos of day trip get-aways up and down the HWY 395 Corridor.
August 2014-Major contributor for the travel magazine Scenic 395 and Beyond, the official guide to highways 14, 58, 178, and 395

Abandonment Issues, Images of our abandoned past, 2013
Photographic exploration of 7 desert abandoned places. Available on Blurb.com