Indian Wells Canyon and the Nadeau-Magnolia Mine

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Just a short trip from home, Indian Wells Canyon was a new place to explore. The remains of the Nadeau-Magnolia Mining Camp and the Seibert Family homestead became the newest additions to my continuing series on Abandoned Places. The textures of rust, stone and aged wood, dried in the hot desert winds were an interesting study into the past. I chose to process them in black and white to remove the distractions of color and to further enhance the age and historic feel of these places.

I can find little information on this location. Google only turns up other bloggers who also had little history. A reference to the year 1937 in a note found in the cabin is all that remains.

The view of the Indian Wells Valley below is worth the trip and there are many trails that lead to Owens Peak, the Pacific Crest Trail and picnic tables for enjoying a picnic lunch.

On your way back down the mountain, be sure to stop and enjoy an ice cold beer or soda from our own brewery, Indian Wells Valley Brewing near the Indian Wells Lodge Restaurant.

Life is good in the desert and there is much to explore!